The word “tyro” is of neoclassical origin, stemming from an alternate spelling of the latin word “tiro”, meaning recruit or learner. In 1610, the iatrochemist Jean Beguin published what has been cited as the first chemistry textbook, the Tyrocinium Chymicum, cementing the shift from alchemy to chemistry in the sciences.

I believe in 初心 (shoshin), or the “beginner’s mind” in my approach to learn about any topic. Thus, I consider this to be my Tyrocinium, or place of learning, about my interests. I hope you can find the same eagerness and openness as I strive to cultivate.

About Tyler

I’m a PhD Candidate in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Georgia Tech. I’m interested in gaming, coding, chemistry, and the outdoors. I hail from Los Angeles but have a soft spot for the south. I hope you enjoy my work and feel free to contact me at tyler.roche@gmail.com or on twitter @TyroChemist